Citizen Participation Organizations Seeking Volunteers

CPO 5: Sherwood, Tualatin  MAP  

CPO 8: Helvetia, Mountaindale, North Plains  |  MAP

  • CPO 8 held an Annual Meeting for 2015 on November 10th at the North Plains Senior Center. For more information see the CPO 8 PAGE 
  • To request a CPO 8 community contact from program staff, call 503-821-1123 or email.

CPO 9: Hillsboro, Orenco  |  MAP

CPO 11: Gaston, Cherry Grove, Laurelwood   |  MAP

CPO 12F: Forest Grove  | MAP

CPO 14: Banks, Buxton, Manning, Timber  |  MAP


Your CPO needs you!

To be active, a CPO needs volunteers. Get involved!

Find out more about the benefits of CPOs — including tools, resources, and leadership opportunities — as well as program basics. Interested? Contact Dan Schauer, 503-821-1123,; or Beth St. Amand, 503-821-1114,

Washington County CPOs - Citizen Participation Organizations - are grassroots citizen involvement networks that are devoted to informing residents about opportunities to participate in local land-use and livability issues. CPO information and communications are provided as part of the OSU Extension Service’s agreement with Washington County to support the CPO Program. Washington County Administration, departments, and/or officials claim no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the content of CPO Program information and communications.

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