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CPO 7 general meetings are regularly held on the fourth Thursday of each month, 7-8:30 pm, at the TVF&R Station 68 Community Room, 13545 NW Evergreen St., Portland.

CPO 7 Meeting

Thursday, April 23, 7 pm

The agenda includes the second topic in the Bethany Governance Series, a year-long series of presentation and discussions about the future of the Bethany Area:

Community and Neighborhood Planning  

It’s time for another informative evening on Bethany Governance. Come by for a few short hours and learn what Beaverton and Washington County provide today for Community Planning. Learn about what community planning is... what good is it anyway? And how is it funded? 




Schedule of Bethany Governance Series topics for 2015:

January 22
Community Visioning and Public Involvement
Presentation - City of Beaverton
Presentation - Washington County

March 26
Community and Neighborhood Planning

May 28
Transportation and Infrastructure

July 23
Arts, Culture and Place to Gather

September 24
Business and Economic Development

October 22
Public Safety


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Neighborhood Meetings

March 24, 6:30 pm - Vance Drive 5-Lot Subdivision
The meeting will be held in the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Station 68 Community Meeting Room, 1545 NW Evergreen Street, Portland.

March 26, 6 pm - Springville Road 38-Unit Apartment Complex
The meeting will be held in the Bethany Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 15505 NW Springville Road, Portland.


Public Hearings and Comment Periods

Public Hearing - March 19, 9 am
North Bethany Crest 54-Lot Subdivision
City of Tigard proposes legislative amendments to the Tigard Development Code to establish reasonable time, place and manner regulations for marijuana facilities.

Public Hearing - March 19, 10 am
North Bethany Creek No.2 38-Lot Subdivision
City of Tigard proposes legislative amendments to the Tigard Development Code to establish reasonable time, place and manner regulations for marijuana facilities.



TVF&R Seeks Zone Change to Allow Sale of Property Under Residential Designation
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) is seeking an amendment to the Bethany Community Plan for the recently decommissioned fire station located at 3260 NW 147th Place. The amendment would change the designation from Institutional (INST) to Residential (R-6), for the purpose of listing the property for sale and subsequent residential use. The designation change to R-6 will match the zoning of all the surrounding residential properties. TVF&R recently completed construction of Fire Station 68 at 13545 NW Evergreen to meet growing population service needs of the area. Fire protection services are no longer provided at the old fire station located on NW 147th Place. TVF&R representatives will attend the February 26th meeting of the CPO 7 Steering Committee – all neighbors are welcome to attend.



CPO 7 Successes of 2014

  • CPO 7 successfully advocated for maintaining safe routes for kids and families to bike/walk to parks and schools.
  • CPO 7 was instrumental in changing plans for Bethany Blvd. It will now stay three lanes and not five.
  • CPO 7 partnered with developers, THPRD and the County to plan and implement updates to our parks and trails in North Bethany.
  • CPO 7 worked with TriMet to establish direct bus routes for commuters and common sense locations for transit signage.
  • CPO 7 collaborated with local groups, like Saltzman Solutions, for road safety.



Elections were held at the October meeting.

CPO 7 new officers are as follows:

Chair:Lori Manthey-Waldo

Vice-Chair, CCI: Marty Moyer

Vice-Chair, Bethany: Fred Meyer

Corresponding Secretary: Jeff Petrillo

Recording Secretary: Mary Manseau

Past Chair: Kevin O’Donnell

Member-at-Large: Jennifer Arend

CCI Alternate: David Shettles

CCI Alternate: Mary Manseau



Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities

Comment Online - North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

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Tree for All Community Stream Planting

Open Houses - Willamette Water Supply, Tualatin Valley Water District/City of Hillsboro

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