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CPO 7 general meetings are regularly held on the fourth Thursday of each month, 7-8:30 pm, at the TVF&R Station 68 Community Room, 13545 NW Evergreen St., Portland.

CPO 7 Meeting

Thursday, April 23, 7 pm

The agenda includes presentations from Clean Water Services and PGE regarding services in the Bethany area.


. . .


More Changes Coming to the Bethany Community Plan

Presented by Carrie Pak with Clean Water Services
Carrie will join us for a discussion about the Clean Water Services request to remove the P2 (pollution prevention) planned road connection east of Kaiser Road and north of Bethany Creek in North Bethany (see map below).

Note: Clean Water Services is holding a neighborhood meeting on this topic on May 6th. More information below.

PGE Substation on Germantown Road to Provide Power for Growth in Bethany

Presented by Mark Fryburg, PGE
Mark and others from PGE will join us to answer questions about PGE’s plan for a power substation on Germantown Road.


. . .

The upcoming CPO 7 May 28th meeting will cover the third topic in the Bethany Governance Series: 

Transportation and Infrastructure  

Agenda to come. 


CPO 7 is recruiting volunteers for its Steering Committee. Consider taking on a leadership role. It can be a rewarding experience!


CPO 7 Steering Committee officers work together to:

  • Organize and hold CPO meetings which give people the opportunity to exchange information and concerns, and in some cases, develop strategies to address those concerns about our community.
  • Lead efforts that keep community members informed of upcoming land use, transportation, and environmental projects.
  • Provide forums that present both sides of an issue.

Taking on a CPO 7 leadership role gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build connections by engaging with community leaders, elected officials and representatives from agency and district service providers.
  • Grow your leadership skills through trainings and the experience of operating a citizen organization.

At this time the Chair and Vice Chair (Bethany) positions are vacant. Consider getting involved! Email cpo7chair@gmail.com or contact Beth St. Amand at beth.stamand@oregonstate.edu or 503-821-1114. Leadership training is provided. 



Land Use


Neighborhood Meeting

May 6, 6:30 pm / Clean Water Services Bethany Creek Enhancement Project
Clean Water Services will review its proposed Bethany Creek Enhancement Project and the proposal to remove the P2 (pollution prevention) planned road connection east of Kaiser Road and north of Bethany Creek in North Bethany. The meeting will be held in the Bethany Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 15505 NW Springville Road, Portland.



Schedule of Bethany Governance Series topics for 2015:

January 22
Community Visioning and Public Involvement

March 26
Community and Neighborhood Planning

May 28
Transportation and Infrastructure

July 23
Arts, Culture and Place to Gather

September 24
Business and Economic Development

October 22
Public Safety



CPO 7 Successes of 2014

  • CPO 7 successfully advocated for maintaining safe routes for kids and families to bike/walk to parks and schools.
  • CPO 7 was instrumental in changing plans for Bethany Blvd. It will now stay three lanes and not five.
  • CPO 7 partnered with developers, THPRD and the County to plan and implement updates to our parks and trails in North Bethany.
  • CPO 7 worked with TriMet to establish direct bus routes for commuters and common sense locations for transit signage.
  • CPO 7 collaborated with local groups, like Saltzman Solutions, for road safety.



Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities

Comment Online - North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

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