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Extension's Family and Community Development Program offer effective educational opportunities to help Oregon families meet the practical challenges of daily life. Programs address critical issues for individuals and families and help Oregonians become healthy, financially secure, and responsible members of society. This website provides information and resources on topics of interest to Oregon’s families.    


Featured Publications:

Mold season is here, and although excess moisture – both inside and outdoors – can cause a wide variety of problems in the home, knowledge and simple measures can help keep a house mold-free.  "Home moisture problems," EC 1437, is a thorough guide on how to identify moisture problems and control them

Thinking of raising Chickens?  While chickens are becoming popular in urban areas this publication covers basics for determining how and whether you may want to become an Urban Chicken Farmer

Contact information: Jeanne Brandt e-mail or call 503-821-1117.


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