CPO 12C - Cornelius, West Dairy Creek

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Next Meeting

6:30 pm Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016

Checkup on Your Home Safety, and Visit with State Rep. McClain 

Bring a friend! Meetings are open to everyone. 

Location: Free Orchards Elementary School Cafeteria, 2499 S. Beech St., Cornelius  

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6:30 pm

Welcome, Introductions

Public Safety Update / Cornelius Police (with brief Q&A time)

6:45 pm

Disaster Prep / Quick "Quake Up!"  

CPO 12C can inform you about the basics to help ensure individuals, families and neighbors can keep themselves safe after an earthquake or other major natural disaster, including:

Securing water supplies, strapping water heaters
• Shutoff utilities, and what to know about natural gas
  • Securing water supplies, strapping water heaters
  • Shutoff utilities, and what to know about natural gas

We can point you to more information (bit.ly/quakeup), and resources for your neighborhood. Don’t be scared. Prepare!

7:15 pm

Community Updates / CPO members, audience 

Time for brief sharing of announcements, events and meetings, news, volunteer opportunities, networking, or questions. Hear about comment periods, participation opportunities, and land use review/decisions.

CPO 12C Letter to Washington County

CPO 12C will consider approval of a letter regarding the CPO Program Transition.

7:30 pm

Brief Town Hall with State Rep. McLain 

Representative Susan McLain, Oregon Legislature District 29, will discuss her priority issues, share what might be expected from the short session getting underway, and listen to feedback. CPO 12C connects with city, county, regional and state officials.

8:00 pm Adjourn


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CPO 12C Agendas and Minutes

1-12-16 Agenda
1-12-16 Minutes

12-8-15 Agenda
12-8-15 Minutes and attachments

11-10-15 Agenda
11-10-15 Minutes

9-8-15 Agenda
9-8-15 Minutes

5-12-15 Agenda
5-12-15 Minutes

4-14-15 Agenda
4-14-15 Minutes

3-10-15 Agenda
3-10-15 Minutes

2-10-15 Agenda
2-10-15 Minutes

1-13-15 Agenda
1-13-15 Minutes

11-12-14 Agenda
11-12-14 Minutes


CPO12C General Meetings

CPO 12C will normally meet on the second Tuesday of months designated for meetings, at 6:30 pm 
at Free Orchards Elementary School Cafeteria, 2499 S Beech St., Cornelius.

All CPO meetings are open to the public.

CPO 12C Officers

Joseph Auth, Chair

 Sarah Jackson, Vice Chair

 Margaret Banks, Secretary

If you would like to serve on the CPO 12C Board, there are still two positions available: one member from the City of Cornelius, and one from the unincorporated area. If you have a few hours each month and would like to work to improve your community and its interactions with the City and Washington County, please consider serving on your CPO Board.

CPO 12C email: CPO12Cleadership@gmail.com

CPO 12C Bylaws

     CPO 12C Boundary Map

City of Cornelius Land Use Applications

Notice of review, comments due 1/12/2016 - CUP-05-15 Type II Conditional Use application for conversion of a commercial space to create 4 new 1st floor apartment dwelling units. Location: 1250 Baseline St.  

Public Hearing 1/26/2016 CUP/PUD-01-15 & SUB-01-15 Type III Conditional Use/Planned Unit Development & subdivision application for a new 17-lot single-family dwelling subdivision, west of the existing parking lot area for the Real Life Christian Church of Cornelius. Location 423 N. 10th Ave. 



Community Information

Dairy Creek Food Web

Village Without Walls - Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Aloha-Reedville

Willamette Water Supply - Tualatin Valley Water District

Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List


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For more information contact:
CPO Program Coordinator Dan Schauer