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Generally meets the third Wednesday every other month at 7 pm at the Forest Hills Golf Course's banquet room, located at 36260 SW Tongue Lane, Cornelius



CPO 15 Meeting
Next Meeting Wednesday, May 18, 7pm



7:00 pm / Welcome and Introductions

Safety Update / Sheriff’s Deputy (if available)

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Metro’s Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning

Presentation by Planner Karen Vitkay with Metro's Parks and Nature Department

Karen will discuss how the master plan for a 1,200-acre Chehalem Ridge Nature Park is shaping up.

Area Map  |  Project Website

Note: Ms. Vitkay cannot speak to urban growth boundary or the urban and rural reserves.


Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County

Presentation by Julie Mason, Quilt Barn Trail Project Leader, West Side Quilters

The Quilt Barn Project, started in 2014, celebrates agriculture and historical barns in Washington County. Large painted quilt blocks using historical quilt patterns are placed on old barns with the permission of the owners. Quilt Barn Trails are in many Oregon counties and in many locations across the country. 

Maps and Projects Lists

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Our meetings provide great topics, conversation and cookies! We invite speakers of vital interest to our community, and we need your support, ideas and participation.

Our schedule is the third Wednesday of every other month. There will not be a July meeting unless an important issue comes up. Next meetings: September 21, November 16



Drive First, Get the Message Later!

 Dangers of Texting While Driving

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and a Program Educator from the Department of Land Use and Transportation presented compelling reasons why we just cannot take this risk.

CPO 15 learned some of the latest scientific findings on the impact that technology has on attention and focus. We are all tempted to answer that phone or return a message while driving. If you want to know more evidence, listen to a rebroadcast of a Diane Rehms Show from December 26, 2014, with an interview by Matt Richtel who wrote A Deadly Wanderingthedianerehnshow.org/audio/#/shows2014-12-26/matt_richtel_a_deadly_wandering_rebroadcast/00.00



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Meeting Agenda
7:00 pm    Welcome and Introductions
    Rural Internet Activity Update / CPO 15 Member Betty Rose
    Sheriff’s Deputy Report (if available)
    Library Levy / Cornelius Library Director Karen Hill
Our Oregon - Funding Education
Outreach Director Reyna Lopez speaks about Our Oregon, a non-profit coalition that raises awareness about the critical need to adequately fund education. http://ouroregon.org/
Earthquake Preparedness - Quake Up!
Two historic disasters hold lessons for the Pacific Northwest as we get ready for the coming Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Sig Unander tells the dramatic stories of how San Francisco was destroyed in 1906 and Tokyo survived the huge 2011 episode in Japan. What can Oregon learn to help us face the threat here? Unander, an author and filmmaker, lives in Cornelius.

CPO leaders Peggy Harris and Stan Houseman will join Unander to preview the upcoming countywide Quake Up! Earthquake Preparedness Fair on Saturday, October 10th from 9 am-1:30 pm in downtown Hillsboro at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. This family-friendly, free event will help you take simple steps to prepare. Government agencies, the American Red Cross, and the CPO Program are collaborating to provide hands-on exhibits, informational tools, presentations, and a drawing for preparedness giveaways.

Watch for announcements and updates at http://extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/quake and start preparing now with www.take5tosurvive.com.

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