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All meetings are open to the public. The County CCI's next meeting is scheduled for 7 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2015, TVF&R Community Room, 20665 SW Blanton St, Aloha.

Each CPO is represented on Washington County's CCI, whose focus includes, but is not limited to, citizen involvement policy issues. The CCI general membership's regularly scheduled meetings are 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.  

CCI Steering Committee

Members: Henry Oberhelman (Point of Contact), Stan Houseman, Kathie Koellmann, Sebastian Lawler, Jim Long

Steering Committee Meetings

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 10 am - Noon, TVF&R Community Room, 20665 SW Blanton St, Aloha.

If you have questions regarding how to engage with the CCI, or to be added to the CCI interested parties list (or change your preferences), contact OSU Extension Coordinator Dan Schauer, 503-821-1123.

(To view the PDF version of the CCI agendas, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Key documents:

Transition process planning - outline (from County Administration Office) link to .pdf

Writeup of CCI comments from December 2014 meeting (Raw, draft capture) link to Word doc



December 16, 2014 CCI agenda

November 18, 2014 CCI agenda

October 21, 2014 CCI agenda

September 16, 2014 CCI agenda

August 19, 2014 CCI agenda

July 15, 2014 CCI agenda

June 17, 2014 CCI agenda

May 20, 2014 CCI agenda

April 15, 2014 CCI agenda

March 18, 2014 CCI agenda

February 18, 2014 CCI agenda

January 21, 2014 CCI agenda



Audio (links to a separate site):

December meeting recording

November meeting audio recording 

Written minutes: 

November 18, 2014 minutes

October 21, 2014 minutes

September 16, 2014 minutes

August 19, 2014 minutes

July 15, 2014 minutes

June 17, 2014 minutes - appended

May 20, 2014 minutes

April 15, 2014 minutes

March 18, 2014 minutes 

February 18, 2014 minutes 

January 21, 2014 minutes 


December 2014 Meeting:

Draft proposal for CPO Program transition process-link to .pdf

October 2014 meeting:

Meeting packet memo

Land Use & Transportation Work Program issue identification form (Word .doc). For background, view the County's web page for the Annual Work Program.  

September 2014 meeting:

Meeting Packet Memo

Examples for Ground Rules for CCI Meetings

Intel Strategic Investment Program fact sheet (link to County's web page)

Land Use & Transportation Work Program issue identification form (Word .doc). For background, view the County's web page for the Annual Work Program.  

August 2014: Presentation (.pdf) on the County's proposed Vehicle Registration Fee.  

August 2014: Meeting packet .ZIP file. (Contains County CCI Bylaws Questions, re: City CCI representation; CPO Program 2014 2nd Quarter Report; Results of CCI Work Plan Prioritization; Medical Marijuana Ordinance July presentation.) 

July 2014: Information provided to the 7/15/14 CCI meeting by Washington County Dept. of Land Use and Transportation on the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries ordinance proposal (Ordinance 792). Link to .ZIP file of the power point presentation and map.

July 2014: CCI Work Planning Part 2 - Verbatim list from June session, and worksheet for prioritization

June 2014: CCI Work Planning - Background Presentation 

April 2014: Revised Draft 2014-2015 Couny-OSU Intergovernmental Agreement for CPO Program (4-9-14): .pdf link

March 2014:

January 2014 packet (.ZIP 2 MB)



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Below is information regarding the Harold M. Haynes Citizen Involvement Award. The Nomination form is sent to all CPO leaders in April and May.

Honoring Citizen Involvement
Harold M. Haynes Nomination Form

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