Family Community Education (FCE)

Oregon Association for Family and Community Education is an independent non-profit organization whose history and mission is closely aligned with the OSU Family and Community Health Program. We work collaboratively to develop and deliver community education and service projects addressing important community needs. The FCE program provides opportunities for people to learn and share information with the community. 

All lessons are held from 9:30 – 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday in Washington County, and from 12:00 - 2:00 pm on the 4th Monday in Clackamas County, unless otherwise noted.


Safety First                    

January 16 (Washington County)           January 22 (Clackamas County)

Maureen Quinn                                            Leader TBD                                        

Learn what you can do to reduce fire injuries, deaths, and property loss by learning about fires, fire prevention and preparing for emergency fire evacuations from your home.


Technology and the Family Dynamic

February 20 (Washington Co)                    February 26 (Clackamas County)

Dawn Westphal                                              Cathy Schabell

This class will give you some great ideas to help you “unplug a little” but still enjoy the benefits of technology!


Where Did That Saying Come From?                              

March 20 (Washington County)                 March 26 (Clackamas County)

Patti Malanaphy                                               Patti Malanaphy

Have you ever wondered about those sayings and phrases that seem to roll off our tongues every day? Come join us to find out about the weird and whacky origins and have some fun.

Keeping Your Bladder Healthy

April Hand-Out  --  This lesson will be available for the May or September lesson depending on the group’s schedule.

Discussion on the causes of bladder infections; how to keep your bladder healthy; how to train your bladder for better control and when you should consult a Health Care Provider.


A History of Clothing                      

September 18 (Washington County)          September 24 (Clackamas County)

Carolyn Rundorff                                                 Lendamai Poole            

How did we get from wearing animal fur to clothes made from chemicals? And who came up with those crazy fashions throughout history? With your help, we will answer these questions.


October 16 (Washington County)                 October 22 (Clackamas County)

Maureen Quinn                                                   Maureen Quinn     

Learn about different addictions and drugs that are not good for us. Learn more about AA.


Lesson to Be Announced

November 20 (Washington County)              November 26 (Clackamas County)