Family Community Education (FCE)

Oregon Association for Family and Community Education is an independent non-profit organization whose history and mission is closely aligned with the OSU Family and Community Health Program. We work collaboratively to develop and deliver community education and service projects addressing important community needs. The FCE program provides opportunities for people to learn and share information with the community. 

All lessons are held from 9:30  – 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday in Washington County, and the 4th Tuesday in Clackamas County, unless otherwise noted.

Tool Kits & Home Repair                                    

January 19 (Washington County)                  January 26 (Clackamas County)

Dawn Westphal                                                      Lendamai Poole

Learn the proper way to do basic home repairs and the tools necessary for the job. A discussion of “Mom’s toolbox” and the selection of tools you may find and their uses.

Coffee Break**                                     OSU Lesson 

February 23 (Washington Co)*Morning             February 23 (Clackamas Co) *Afternoon

Jeanne Brandt                                                                Jeanne Brandt

Coffee has a long history and is the most traded commodity in the world.  It has great economic significance for many countries. Even with a coffee shop on every corner, the US is far down the list for coffee consumption.  Learn about this energizing and aromatic little bean from past centuries to modern day, and from a seedling to your cup.

Oregon Myths & Legends                                       

March 15 (Washington County)                        March 22 (Clackamas County)

Jean Baker                                                                  Jean Baker

We will learn what constitutes folk lore, legend and myths. And have a discussion on each, we’ll even write our own tall tale.

Water Conservation

This lesson is a mail-out. It will be available to the leaders as early as April for the September meetings

Ways to reduce our use of tap water, ideas for recycling garden water and rain water. 

Importance of Immunizations                    OSU Lesson           

September 20 (Washington County)                            September 27 (Clackamas County)

OSU-TBA                                                                             Kelly Streit

What is a vaccine? What are some common vaccines you know of or have received? Why are vaccines important? We will learn the importance of being immunized against certain diseases

How to Talk to your Doctor                                                        

October 18 (Washington County)                        October (Clackamas County)

Patti Malanaphy                                                                   Patti Malanaphy      

Your relationship with your doctor should be a partnership — where you and your doctor work together to make the best possible decisions about your health care. Come for tips on how to effectively communicate with your doctor to get the most out of the visit.

Get the Most from your Food Dollar                OSU Lesson

November 15 (Washington County)                            November 22 (Clackamas County)

OSU-TBA                                                                                         Kelly Streit

 This lesson focuses on saving money at the grocery store. We will talk about making a food plan, adopting cost-saving shopping strategies, and healthy ways to save money with economical food preparation techniques. 

 ** Please note that the Washington County and Clackamas County lesson schedules are on the same day. This is to accommodate the presenter giving the lesson in both counties.


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