Family Community Education (FCE)

Oregon Association for Family and Community Education is an independent non-profit organization whose history and mission is closely aligned with the OSU Family and Community Health Program. We work collaboratively to develop and deliver community education and service projects addressing important community needs. The FCE program provides opportunities for people to learn and share information with the community. 

All lessons are held from 9:30  – 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday in Washington County, and the 4th Tuesday in Clackamas County, unless otherwise noted.


Our Love Affair with Salt                                   

January 17 (Washington County)           January 24 (Clackamas County)

Dawn Westphal                                             Jean Baker

History, sources, sayings, superstitions, truths and tips for cutting back on salt.


Mediterranean Diet -- OSU Lesson

February 21 (Washington Co)                    February 28 (Clackamas County)

Kelly Streit (OSU)                                    Kelly Streit (OSU)

Tips and foods for eating healthy the Mediterranean way.


Cooking for One or Two                                   

March 21 (Washington County)                 March 22 (Clackamas County)

Lendamai Poole                                             Lendamai Poole

Learn how to make good nutritious meals in smaller proportions or to divide and store larger meals.


How to Avoid Obesity

April Hand-Out 

This lesson will be available for the May or September lesson depending on the group’s schedule.


Aging in Place/Staying Independent in Your Home                        

September 19 (Washington County)          September 26 (Clackamas County)

M. Quinn or T. Johnson (OSU)             J. Brandt or Tonya Johnson (OSU)                          

This lesson will cover tips for fall prevention, such as lighting, grab bars, floor coverings, as well as other helpful information.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (CANCELED) ~  Substitute Lesson: "Let's Talk Trash"

October 17 (Washington County)                 October 24 (Clackamas County)

Patti Malanaphy                                                     Patti Malanaphy      



Strength Training (Strong Women) -- OSU Lesson

November 21 (Washington County)              November 28 (Clackamas County)

Maureen Quinn (OSU)                                      Maureen Quinn OSU Faculty

How to increase women’s bone health with the evidence-based strength program for women.


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