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All CPO meetings are open to the public.

CPO1 General Meetings
Generally meets the first Tuesday
of each month at 7 pm at:
Leedy Grange Hall Dining Hall Area
835 NW Saltzman Rd.



CPO 1 Meeting October 7th, 7pm

It's election time! Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward will hold a question and answer session. The second half of the meeting will include an informative and open discussion of the ballot measures.


Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

The Senator will provide an update on her current work and potential agenda items for the 2015 session. The Senator will also hold a nquestion/answer session to find out what is important to her constituents in CPO 1.

. . .

Open Discussion - Ballot Measures
Measure 34-221:
Proposed Countywide Vehicle Registration Fee for Road Maintenance
Measure 86 -
Creates fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education.
Measure 87 - Permits employment of state judges by the National Guard and state public universities.
Measure 88 - Provides Oregon resident driver card.
Measure 89 -
Guarantees equal rights regardless of sex.
Measure 90 - Establishes an open, top-two primary election system.
Measure 91 - Legalizes recreational marijuana.
Measure 92 - Requires labels on genetically engineered foods.

General philosophy of water protection vs treatment:
savings and other benefits
• Restoration and maintenance of local streams/wetlands,
homeowner resources, volunteer opportunities
• Stream protection in new developments: stream setbacks,
steep slopes - pertinent to Area 93/Bonny Slope UGB
• Daylighting stream opportunities – Beaverton activities,
• How CWS works with county development to mitigate
impacts of new development



Area 93 Community Planning Open House - October 21

Washington County’s Department of Land Use & Transportation will host an Area 93 Community Planning public event on October 21st, in the Event Center (Building 9) at Portland Community College’s Rock Creek Campus, 17705 NW Springville Rd., Portland. A presentation at 5:30 pm will provide an overview of the Area 93 community planning efforts to date, including
a new wetland and natural resource inventory, and draft Community Plan alternatives.




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