Food Preservation, Safety and Storage

Food Preservation

Check out our publications site for current, complete and research-based OSU Extension Service Food Preservation instructions.

Food Preservation Classes in our local area.

View a multimedia presentation about canning fruits or canning vegetables.

The Oregon State University Washington County Extension office in Hillsboro offers free testing of pressure canner gauges. Bring your canner lid with the gauge attached (or the gauge only) to the office between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays.  Please call the office at 503-821-1150 for more information.

Click here for a list of pressure gauge testing location, where to buy clear jel and canner parts by county.

Check out the Boiling Water and Pressure Canner checklist to make following every step a snap.

Master Food Preservers

The 2014 Master Food Preserver Volunteer Training has just wrapped up.  After 8 weeks of training on Food Preservation  and Safety this years volunteers will join Veterans in educating the public this Spring.

2014 Master Food Preserver Class

We’re so excited to provide more opportunities for our new and veteran volunteers to serve the public.  This year our Master Food Preserver Volunteers will be educating the public about safe food handling and preservation over the phone, at workshops, at exhibits and demonstrations at sites such as farmers' markets and county fairs.

Click the following link for a full list of 2014 Master Food Preserver volunteer opportunities If you have any questions or want to add your name to volunteer for an event call 503-821-1112 or email Katie Johnson.  

Master Food Preservers 2014 Volunteer Hours Log will be due in September.  Start adding up your summer hours today. 

We are currently taking names for those interested in participating in the 2015 program. Please call 503-821-1112 or email Katie Johnson to sign up on the waiting list.



Hands on Food Preservation Classes 2014

Canning Season is nearly upon us and with it OSU Extension Service’s community classes.  These community classes are a great way to brush up on and practice fun and safe canning practices. In the meantime if you have any questions or are looking for a good place to get new recipes please visit our publications page for a full breadth of preservation articles and recipes.  Including the recipe for class favorite Pickled Onion Relish Slices

PCC Summer Series- September 3rd from 6pm-9pm

Food preservation experts from OSU Extension Service host a series of hands-on classes to help community members learn to preserve produce in a safe and healthy way. Recipes, equipment, ingredients and additional resources provided. Participants share the products made in class.

Cost: $39.00 (Tuition: $29.00 Fees: $10.00) 

Register online at

September 3rd:    Preserving Pickles

*Classes will be held at Fremont United Methodist- 2620 NE Fremont st.*

Additional Resources:

Use the OSU Extension Service Boil Water/Pressure Canning checklist to help keep you on track.

National Center for Home Food Preservation. 1000's of pages of research-tested home food preservation directions including the USDA Complete Guide to Canning.

"So Easy to Preserve" University of Georgia publication and DVD videos. (Information).

Food Safety  

OSU Food Safety Resources: Increase safe food practices during food preparation

We Wish You Well — Food Safety Module - This module provides lessons on how to keep food safe and to prevent foodborne illness.

Food Safe Garden Practices-  Resources and references from a presentation given by Faulty member Jeanne Brandt on safety methods beginning with growing. 

Food Safety Resources: - Gateway to government food safety information

Food Storage 

* In an emergency, food, water and shelter are basic needs that come first.  Though every family will have different needs in an emergency, your goal should be to have at least a 72 hour supply of food and water on hand.

Food and Water Storage in an Emergency - Fact Sheets from OSU Extension

Food Storage Resources:

Safe Home Food Storage - Texas A&M University/Texas Agricultural Extension Service

Food Storage, Preparation & Handling - USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Refrigerated Food and Power Outages: What to Save and When to Throw Out -

Frozen Food and Power Outages: What to Save and When to Throw Out -