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CPO 3 Schedule: Meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm in the Garden Home Recreation Center, 7475 SW Oleson Rd. Map

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Thursday, June 16, 7 pm  

Garden Home Recreation Center, 7475 SW Oleson Rd. Map

On the Agenda: Stan and Susan Houseman present their emergency preparedness essentials, with examples of Go Bags for the car and under your bed. Be empowered and assured. Plan. Prepare. Practice.

Annex, Incorporate, or What?

CPO 3 Subcommittee on Governance

At the CPO 3 February 19, 2015, meeting, a motion was passed to form a Governance Subcommittee to study annexation, incorporation and the status quo, and what it could mean for CPO 3 in the future. This committee will collect and disseminate information to the CPO for a possible decision.

The subcommittee held its first meeting on March 24th and met throughout 2015. Erich provided an update at the January 2016 CPO3 meeting. For more information, contact cpo3chair@gmail.com or cpo3.breuner@comcast.net.

Materials Produced by the Subcommittee 
2014 Power Point 
Historical Map of Beaverton Annexations
Property Tax Comparison 

Some Good Resources

A number of CPO 3 meetings in the past year have been dedicated to this issue. CPO 3 resident Erich Breuner pulled together some statistics specific to CPO 3 and prepared an informative presentation. See Erich's presentation from the CPO 3 meeting in September 2014, Local Control, for more information regarding annexation or contact Erich directly by email at cpo3.breuner@comcast.net.

The League of Oregon Cities has valuable annexation and incorporation publications, including the City Handbook (pgs 1-4 through 1-6) and the Guide to City Incorporation in Oregon.

Oregon Annexation Laws 


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Neighborhood Meetings

As a courtesy, Neighborhood Meetings (pre-application) held in your CPO within the past 90 days are called out here.   

April 4, 6 pm / 2-Lot Partition South of 8810 Whitepine Lane
The meeting will be held at Garden Home Recreation Center, Room 10, 7475 SW Oleson Rd., Portland, 97223.

March 16, 6:30 pm / 3-Lot Partition at 7700 SW Alden Street 
The meeting will be held at Garden Home Recreation Center, Room 10, 7475 SW Oleson Rd., Portland, 97223.

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