Citizen Participation Organizations Seeking Volunteers

CPO 5: Sherwood, Tualatin  MAP  

CPO 8: Helvetia, Mountaindale, North Plains  |  MAP

  • Next meeting: 7 pm Monday, May 23, North Plains Fire Station, 31370 NW Commercial St. Agenda is posted, and will be delivered to the CPO 8 mailing list 5-7 days prior to the meeting. See the CPO 8 PAGE for details.
  • CPO 8 held an Annual Meeting for 2015 on November 10. For more information see the CPO 8 PAGE 
  • To request a CPO 8 community contact from program staff, call 503-821-1123 or email.

CPO 9: Hillsboro, Orenco  |  MAP

CPO 11: Gaston, Cherry Grove, Laurelwood   |  MAP

CPO 12F: Forest Grove  | MAP

CPO 14: Banks, Buxton, Manning, Timber  |  MAP

Why Your CPO Needs You

With some effort, CPO volunteering can provide meaningful opportunities to improve our Washington County communities.

Personally, you may encounter and grow in your skills and abilities to provide service-based volunteer leadership. 

When actively led by a capable volunteer committee, your CPO could:

  • Help more people find information about what's happening and places to turn for problems in their local area. 
  • Facilitate communication between your fellow residents and community members, civic leaders, and representatives from County governments and service providers.
  • Foster more exchanges of information from a cross-section of your community, raise issues, and seek ways to address concerns.
  • Bring multiple perspectives to meetings and forums, striving to expand the range of voices and views that can be heard.
  • Nurture and strengthen meaningful, productive, and vibrant public involvement.
  • Potentially influence some policies and actions, especially if your CPO can invest in long-term relationships and work within the reality of being one of the different sources of input decision makers could be considering.

Serving your CPO as an officer lets you learn and practice leadership and team-building skills. You can gain experiences that other volunteers have put to good use after their CPO terms, in a variety of civic roles or positions. We've seen CPO leaders moving on to contribute throughout the County's communities, neighborhoods, other organizations, or at the regional or state level. 

In small but important ways, and at ground-changing intervals, taking part in your CPO seeds greater opportunities for active civic life. Discoveries made there enrich and diversify the collective civic intelligences and resources of our communities. This can happen each day, week, month, and year - or whenever the time is right. 

Find out more about the ways you can serve your CPO — including tools, resources, and leadership opportunities — as well as program basics. Interested? Contact Dan Schauer: 503-821-1123 or