Safe and Healthy Homes

OSU Extension Service offers information to help Oregonians keep their homes safe and healthy for residents of all ages.

This page lists resources to help you identify the risks, improve the safety and comfort and cope with emergencies that you might face in your home. There are also some helpful household tips on topics such as stain removal, household cleaning and maintenance and pest control.


  • Home Safety

The Healthy Homes Partnership is a cooperative effort of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Cooperative Extension Service.  Resources focus on identifying and reducing risks around the home such as lead based paint, indoor air quality and pesticides.

The Oregon Well Water Program helps Oregonian’s protect the groundwater that supplies their drinking water. Information on well and septic system maintenance.

  • Toy Recall

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

  • Lead Resources

Children and Lead: Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

The National Lead Information Center
1-800-424-LEAD (5323)

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Consumer Product Safety Commission

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response 

It Could Happen to You is a series of publications developed by the OSU Extension Service to help Oregonians prepare for disasters and emergencies. Learn about your community's disaster plan and create a plan for your family, home and office.

Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) lists publications relating to natural disasters from each state.

Cleaning Flood Damaged Homes. The Louisiana State University AgCenter has an array of information to help people in their recovery from the multiple problems caused by a hurricane. These problems include the danger of disease from insects, other pests and flood waters as well as illness from contamination by flood waters.

  • Power outages

Your options for coping with a power failure depend on how cold it is outside, how long you're without power, and if you have equipment that can meet your need without external power sources. This publication will help you make decisions to prepare for short- or long-term power failures.

 Winter power outages can be an expensive inconvenience when you have food in your freezer. You'll want to know what food to keep and what you should throw away.

The American Red Cross offers a variety of materials for coping with disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods.

  • My Own Home

My Own home: (in English)  (en español

Helpful Household Tips Spot and Stain removal guide for washable fabrics. Learn how to remove pine resin, candle wax, wine, and a variety of other stains when doing home laundry.

Household hints and helps from the University of Nebraska Extension

Iowa Families Extension Answer Line provides information and resources for consumers with home and family questions.

Home maintenance and repair. Michigan State University Extension offers instructions and tips for household chores and repairs.

Maintenance of your home. Instructions for basic use of tools and repairing faucets, screens and electric plugs from Texas Agrilife Extension.

  • Pest Control

OSU Master Gardeners respond to household Pest and plant problem inquiries: Click Here Controlling Carpenter Ants (EC 627)

UNL Extension Publication "Managing Pantry Pests" is a great guide for all sorts of insect pests. 

Cockroaches: How to Control Pests Safely. Click the following link for getting rid of roaches and mice or IPM House Mouse Management

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