Master Watershed StewardWatershed Education, WE Team

“Empowering Oregonians with comprehensive watershed education.”

WE Program Update:

While several of our WE Team programs, including Aquatic Invasive Species, StreamWebs Student Stewardship Network, and Stormwater Solutions are still active, other programs such as Master Watershed Stewards, are no longer being offered due to changing faculty capacity. 

If you are interested in recieving training we encourage you to look into the Oregon Master Naturalist program. For more information about this program please contact Jason O'Brien, OMN Program Coordinator.

Who are WE?

WE stands for OSU Extension Watershed Education team. We are a multidisciplinary and cross-college team of professionals at Oregon State University with a united goal of extending research-based information on watershed health to other professionals working in the field, to decision makers, and to the general public. Our work touches all aspects of watershed health and management- from restoration and gardening, to fish biology and ecology. Always, WE strive to improve our environment through encouraging our learners at all levels to make personal investments in improving their own watershed in whatever ways are most appropriate- whether that be through their personal choices, volunteering or as part of their career.

WE Themes- Major areas of programming:

  1. Land Use- Linking land use, water and watersheds
  2. Human Values- Integrating human values with watersheds
  3. Ecosystems, Habitats, Organisms- Conserving and managing ecosystems, organisms and habitats.
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