Waterwise GardeningWaterWise™ Gardening is a style of gardening that uses little or no water in a landscape, resulting in financial and natural resource savings.  Oregon WaterWise™ Gardening is a statewide program of OSU Extension to assist homeowners in designing and planting water efficient gardens. Nationwide, irrigating landscapes uses about 1/3 of our water supply.  This water is not available for drinking, for wildlife, or for agriculture.  On this page you can find plant lists, plant profiles, photographs, case studies and links that provide information about reasons to save water, but also many practical examples and tips.  WaterWise™ gardens rely heavily on plant choices from nearby native areas, from US prairie plants, and for milder climates, plants from Mediterranean areas of the world.  As with all gardens, appropriate irrigation and soil preparation are also important.

Additional WaterWise™ Gardening resources from OSU Extension Service, including contact information for the statewide team and a list of publications.

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