Buggy Bits

Buggy Bits

Buggy Bits is an entertaining way to learn more about insects and spiders. Buggy Bits is a compilation of articles written by Yamhill County Master Gardener Bob Grossmann, chairman of the local Insect Committee. His articles are published monthly in the Tiller Newsletter.

Buggy Bits, Volume 1 (pdf, a large file)

Buggy Bits, Volume 2 (pdf, a large file)

Buggy Bits, Volume 3 (pdf, a large file)


Asian Invaders Attack Oregon Check Your Kitchen Cabinets December Doldrums
Do Your Know What Galls Me? Dung Beetles Fly, Fly Away
Generalists vs. Specialists "Giant" Insects Hoppin'Homopterans!
How Does Your Garden Grow? Insect Haute Cuisine It's a Cinch, It Was a Chinch!
It's Not Ice in Their Veins, Just Antifreeze! Kids Do the Darndest Things! Leave Me Alone!
Leggy Beasts Long Horn, Short Horn, No Horn Lousy Insects!
Night Creatures Not All "Bugs" are Bugs! "Oh, What Tangled Webs..."
Our Deceased Animal Composters Q & A Rambling Prose!
Rhodie Woes: Root Weevils Slime Wars The Carpenters
The Flying Dragons The Great Society: Ants The Insect "Revue"
The Itsy-Bitsy Nasty Spider Mite The Things I Raised Last Summer The Wonder of Metamorphosis
Those Pesky Pests
Tiny Invaders Tip the Scales
Water Creatures
Winter Mind Wanderings Winter Musings
 "Ch-ch-ch-changes!"  "Do I Know You?"  "Lookin' for Bugs in All the Wrong Places...!"
 "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep"  "Weather"or Not for Insects  "Wings of Wonder"
 A Sticky Business  Chaucer's Spring!  Flash Dance
 Greenhouse Blues  Insect Ninja Warriors  Itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny...
 Kitchen Basics  Living Jewels  Long Ago, But Not Far Away!
 March Madness  The Fall Insect Deluge  The Life Aquatic
 The Secret Lives of Termites  The Year of the Hopper!  To Bee or Not to Bee
 Water Features (or Creatures)  What's in a Name?  What's the Buzz?
 Winter Wind Down  You Can Do It!  
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