Controlling Invasive Plants

Ivy Removal

Unfortunately, some of our garden plants have become invasive pests in wild habitats.  In Oregon, these invasives include some favorites such as English ivy and butterfly bush. 

To learn more about invasive plants and possible substitutes in Oregon, look at GardenSmart Oregon (pdf). 

Read a new publication on What Gardeners Need to Know about Invasive Plants (EM 9035)-2011

Oregon Invasive Species Countil Award Certif

Learn about techniques to remove English Ivy

For information about noxious weeds in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Page.

A list of plants prohibited from planting on public property in Eugene, Oregon

A companion list showing plants that the city of Eugene wishes to discourage on public property. 

A list of plants of concern to the City of Portland

An OPB short video on removing ivy in Portland

OPB "Silent Invasion" video programs

Resources for Gardeners on Invasive Species Blog

Selected Web-based Resources on Invasive Species for Master Gardeners




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