Master Woodland Manager (MWM) Volunteers in Marion, Polk & Yamhill Counties


2010 MWMs

MWMs are qualified local family woodland owners--friends and neighbors--who receive specialized training by OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension to improve their abilities as land manager, volunteers and community leaders.  In return for their instruction, MWMs provide volunteer services to their community.  One of the most important services MWM volunteers provide is to help neighbors learn about their woods and how to take care of them.

A visit with an MWM can help you see your property in a new way.  Their experience can help you recognize what you have on your property, identify opportunities you have overlooked, or limits you may not have seen, develop goals and strategies to address needs and point you to additional local sources of assistance.

There are over twenty active MWM volunteers in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties!  Request MWM assistance today!

Find out more about the OSU Master Woodland Manager program.

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