Native PNW Woody Trees and Shrubs Fact Sheets

Flowering currant
Flowering currant
Vine maple fall color
Vine maple fall color
Spirea flower
Spirea flower


Pacific Northwest native woody shrubs and trees provide many benefits for home gardens and borders including:

  • structural interest

  • seasonal flowers and leaf color

  • wildlife habitat and forage

  • nectar and food sources for animals and insects

  • cooling shade. 

A wide range of forms from groundcovers to towering evergreens offer many design choices to the home gardener.

Fact Sheets:

Blueblossom (pdf)
Cascade Oregon Grape  (pdf)
Creek Dogwood  (pdf)
Douglas-fir  (pdf)
Indian Plum  (pdf)
Kinnikinnick  (pdf)
Oceanspray  (pdf)
Pacific Madrone  (pdf)
Pacific Ninebark  (pdf)
Ponderosa Pine   (pdf)
Red Flowering Currant  (pdf)
Salal  (pdf)
Tall Oregon Grape  (pdf)
Wavy-leaved Silk Tassel  (pdf)
Western Mock Orange  (pdf)
Western Serviceberry  (pdf)
Vine Maple  (pdf)

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