Resources for Commercial Orchard Growers in the Willamette Valley

Bill Braunworth, OSU Horticulture Department Head, has created a list of contact faculty to cover the tree fruits and nuts previously covered by Jeff Olsen. Please circulate this around to those who might be taking calls and need to refer citizens to someone who can provide some expertise on a variety of topics as listed. 


Citizens who call about orchard crops in the Willamette Valley (especially those who normally called Jeff Olsen in Yamhill County) can consult the following faculty members and associated web sites to get answers to their questions:

 Steve Renquest in Douglas County (tree fruits and nuts, including hazelnuts )


Ross Penhallegon in Lane County (until June 30, 2014 when he retires-- covers tree fruits and nuts and other horticulture)


Steve Castagnoli in Hood River County at the Mid-Columbia Research and Extension Center (pears, apples)

Extension web site:

Research Station web site:


Lynn Long in Wasco County (cherries)


Clive Kaiser Umatilla County (tree fruits)


Tree Fruit and Nut group listed under the Department of Horticulture:


Under Outreach and Extension Resources for Tree Fruits and Nuts, we created a list of topics by commodity/topic:


Nurseries, sources of trees: