Master Gardeners

2011 YCMGA volunteers at Plant Sale

Master GardenersTM are OSU trained volunteers who contribute their knowledge and skills to the local community. The training program is open to all interested gardeners in Yamhill County who complete an application. Classroom, online and "Blended" (a combination of classroom and online modules) training options are available.

Blended (combination classroom and online modules) training sessions are held on 11 consecutive Thursdays (January to March) from 9am-4pm. Classroom training by local experts and OSU faculty is alternated with online teaching modules. Topics include: basic botany, proper pruning techniques, the care and selection of plants, insect identification and management, disease diagnosis and others important to gardeners of the region. See the 2014 class schedule HERE.

Master Gardeners in training and veteran Master Gardeners enter the online training sessions through a password protected portal to increase their knowledge with a wide assortment of learning options including videos, powerpoint presentations and fun quizzes.

After their initial training, new and veteran Master Gardeners keep track of their volunteer hours by entering information in an online form called VRS (Volunteer Reporting System). following the GUIDELINES for volunteering.  These hours are an important contribution, extending the knowledge of the university into the local communities. 

Learn what you can do in your garden this month

Watch some videos created by the Portland Metro area Master Gardeners that demonstrate basic etiquette when working with the pubic in a variety of situations.  These videos are fun and educational:     VIDEOS

Have a garden question or problem plant?  Master Gardener's volunteer time in the Extension office to answer your questions and give advice.  Click HERE for a fillable form that you can print and bring in to the office, along with a sample (if appropriate) or pictures.   The Master Gardeners will research your question and get back to you with an answer.

MASTER GARDENER AGGREGATE SITE:  A constantly updating site with all kinds of news, articles, upcoming events and trainings for gardeners across the state.

The Grapevine is the voice of the OSU Yamhill County Master Gardeners, featuring informative articles and information about events, clinics, learning opportunities and fun social opportunities sponsored by OSU, the Yamhill County Master Gardener Association and other organizations around the state and country.  The Grapevine is published once a month (with a joint July/August issue).

Buggy Bits is a compilation of articles by Yamhill County Master Gardener Bob Grossmann, chairman of the Insect Committee and resident expert and instructor on insects and spiders.  His articles combine hard facts with fun and interesting details about the insect world. Bob's articles are a regular feature of the Grapevine newsletter.


Trained Master Gardener volunteers have an opportunity to join the local, non-profit Yamhill County Master Gardener Association and expand their contribution to the local community by sharing the knowledge they have acquired.  The YCMGA group sponsors several events through the year, including popular plant sales, clinics at local businesses, informational talks and fun socials.  Money raised by the group is used to fund scholarships and support local gardening awareness.