Streamside Gardening

Streamside garden

Do you live and garden along a stream?
As a homeowner with property along a stream, you know the beauty and value the stream adds to your home. But more than just a pretty spot or a place to fish, your streamside is part of a larger system of plants and animals that live near and within the stream itself.

Balancing your needs as a homeowner and gardener with the needs of the larger ecosystem and community for clean water is what this site is all about.



Your Garden, Our Shared Watershed

Wildlife Friendly Streamside Garden

Pacific NW Native Plants for the Streamside Garden

How to Care for Bare Root Plants

Invasive Plants



Plan 1:  A design for gardens near streamsides with steeper banks and dryer soils

Plan 2:  A design for gardens near streamsides with average sloped banks and mixed wet and dry soils

Plan 3:  A design for gardens near streamsides with gradually sloped banks and wet soils


POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS on planting streamside gardens

Controlling Invasive Plants in Streamside Gardens

Native Plants for Streamside Gardens in Western Oregon

Stream Ecology for Gardeners

Landscape Principles for Streamside Gardeners


The Streamside Gardening program was funded by a grant through Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and is part of Oregon State University Extension Sea Grant and the Oregon State University Department of Horticulture.