Native PNW Woody Trees and Shrubs Fact Sheets


Pacific Northwest native woody shrubs and trees provide many benefits for home gardens and borders including:

  • structural interest

  • seasonal flowers and leaf color

  • wildlife habitat and forage

  • nectar and food sources for animals and insects

  • cooling shade. 

A wide range of forms from groundcovers to towering evergreens offer many design choices to the home gardener.

Fact Sheets:

Blueblossom (pdf)
Cascade Oregon Grape  (pdf)
Creek Dogwood  (pdf)
Douglas-fir  (pdf)
Indian Plum  (pdf)
Kinnikinnick  (pdf)
Oceanspray  (pdf)
Pacific Madrone  (pdf)
Pacific Ninebark  (pdf)
Ponderosa Pine   (pdf)
Red Flowering Currant  (pdf)
Salal  (pdf)
Tall Oregon Grape  (pdf)
Wavy-leaved Silk Tassel  (pdf)
Western Mock Orange  (pdf)
Western Serviceberry  (pdf)
Vine Maple  (pdf)