Resources for Beef Cattle production

Beef cattle

Plan now for colostrum needs this spring!

Resources for Beef Cattle production:

Beef Cattle Genetics - newsletter

Oregon State University Extension Beef Cattle Website

PNW 666, Price Indices for Estimating Cattle Prices in the Pacific Northwest

"Beef Production for Small Farms. EC 1514. January, 2000."

"Beef Cow-Calf Management Guide. EM 8827. March, 2003."

Cow-calf management guide, Cattle producers library

Beef Cattle Nutrition Workbook, EM 8883-E. A guide to beef nutrition and feeding with sections on nutrient requirements, ration formulation, minerals and more.

Cattle Vaccine Handling and Management Guidelines, PNW 637

Oregon State University study finds selenium added to alfalfa boosts calf growth, immunity

Mineral Supplementation of Beef Cattle in the PNW (PNW 670)



Animal Feed Science & Technology

"Back to Grass: the Market Potential for U.S. Grassfed Beef", a comprehensive market study on the U.S. grassfed beef industry.  Link

Statistical information for the beef cattle industry in Oregon as well as other livestock and crops can be obtained by accessing Oregon State University's Oregon Agricultural Information Network 

Livestock handling facilities design. Temple Grandin web page at Colorado State University.

Beef Breed Information from Oklahoma State University

Beef Quality Assurance Training


 Grass Tetany Fact Sheet

Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Calves

PNW 626  Dehorning Calves with Paste

Copper Deficiency in the Pacific Northwest

Cattle Sales Via Video Auction

 Voluntary BVD Control Program