Hay in field
Resources for Hay Production:

"Endophyte Toxins in Grass Seed Fields and Straw. EM 8598. August, 2003." 

Endophyte levels for some Oregon grown grasses are available on a list prepared by three Oregon State University Extension Crop Science faculty. The list was updated in 2006.

Beef forage analysis offered to state cattle ranchers

 "Understanding your forage test results. EM 8801. April, 2002."

"Haymaking on the westside. EB 1897." A publication on conserving hay in western Washington and western Oregon written by Steven Fransen and Michael Hackett of Washington State University.

Pasture and Hayland Renovation for Western Washington and Oregon, EB 1870

What Are Your Forages Worth?, PNW 259

What to Look for in Evaluating Hay (PDF, 5MB)

"Rain Damaged Hay".  A publication by Michael Mehren, Ph.D., a livestock nutritionist from Hermiston, OR.

Purchasing weed free hay or straw: Questions often come from horse owners who are heading to camping areas that require certified weed free forage for the animals. The Oregon Department of Agriculture does the certification and also has a list of sellers. 

"Oregon Grass Straw" - an affordable forage resource for winter feeding programs. 1999. Randy Dovel, Tim DelCurto and Gene Pirelli.  Available only from the Polk County Extension office.

Agriculture Fiber Association publication. Available only from the Polk County Oregon State University Extension Office. Please call to ask for a copy.