Positive youth development is the goal of 4-H.  It doesn't matter what project the 4-H'er takes; the project serves as the vehicle to learn basic life skills.  Our ultimate goal is for the 4-H member to develop positive personal assets needed to live successfully in a diverse and changing world.  Through 4-H projects, youth:

  • Acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a satisfying home and family life.
  • Enjoy a useful work experience, together with responsibility and satisfaction of personal accomplishments.
  • Develop leadership talents and abilities to reach optimum citizenship potential.
  • Learn methods of making decisions and solving problems.

Projects are available to youth in the 4th to 12th grades through project or community clubs.  The document, 4-H Projects and Roles, provides a list of projects available through 4-H and definitions for the roles of youth and adults involved in 4-H.  Not all projects on the list are available since it is subject to available volunteers.