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Whether you are reforesting after a harvest or creating a new streamside buffer, a successful planting project begins well before the first tree goes into the ground, and continues for several years with follow-up care of the young plants.

We can help you to choose the right plants for your project, prepare your site, plant the trees and take care of them correctly with many online publications about planting.  Then it is a matter of looking to find tree or shrub seedlings that you need to complete your project.

Weeds are a common cause of dead seedlings in new plantings.  Deciding how to control weeds well enough that new seedlings survive and grow is a critical step in every planting project.



PUBLICATIONS and LINKS:  Planting Trees and Shrubs

The Care and Planting of Tree Seedlings on Your Woodland (EC 1504).  This OSU Extension publication gives an overview of the planting process and is a good place to start.

Selecting and Buying Quality Seedlings (EC 1196)

Successful Reforestation:  An Overview (EC 1498)

Enhancing Reforestation Success in the Inland Northwest (PNW 520)

Site Preparation:  An Introduction for the Woodland Owner (EC 1188)

Selecting Native Plant Materials for Restoration Projects:  Ensuring local adaptation and maintaining genetic diversity (EM 8885)

Tree Buffers Along Streams on Western Oregon Farmland (EC 8895)

A Guide to Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting in the WIllamette Valley:  Steps to Success (EM 9040)

Guide to Riparian Tree Planting in Southwest Oregon (EM 8893)

Guide for Using Willamette Valley Native Plants Along Your Stream

Understanding and Controlling Deer Damage in Young Plantations (EC 1201)

Controlling Vole Damage to Conifer Seedlings (EC 1256)

Guide to Reforestation in Oregon

OSHA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) overview



Good planting stock is important to the success of a planting.    The following resources will give you some very good information to help get you started on your planting project.  But specific situations and local conditions vary, so you may still have questions for which a Master Woodland Manager volunteer can help.  Planting is also a common topic in Extension classes and workshops, which will appear on the Forestry calendar.  Here are some places to start your search for the plants you need.

Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings, an Oregon Dept. of Forestry publication (revised annually) that identifies seed zones, nurseries, and the species and type of planting stock produced.

Forest Seedling Network.  An interactive website to help you find seedlings and services.

Many county Soil and Water Conservation districts or Small Woodland Associations hold annual seedling sales, which are a great way to purchase smaller amounts of plants.

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