Spray Drift Prevention

Spraying Dayton roadside 1928
The bad old days-spraying Dayton roadsides in 1928


Welcome to the Spray Drift Prevention Webpage! 

In 2014 a diverse array of agricultural, government and commercial organizations worked together to seek a common solution to the problem of herbicide drift into vineyards and other sensitive crops.  The group worked hard to collect and develop information that explains the problem of off-target movement (drift) of potentially dangerous pesticide materials and how all applicators can safely and responsibly use these products.  If a weed killer is used correctly, it will kill only the plant that is targeted for treatment, and it will stay where it is sprayed! Crops are the livelihood of the farmers who grow them.  Let’s protect them and Oregon’s agricultural health and heritage.   

This drift prevention web page offers the user a variety of resources including: 

Information for the wine industry:

Information from the Oregon Department of Agriculture:

Information for Applicators (commercial and consumers):

Information from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

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