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4077 SW Research Way
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Nationwide 4-H has over 500,000 volunteers that provide caring and supportive mentoring to all 6 million 4‑H’ers, helping them grow into leaders. 4-H volunteers are the key to a successful 4-H program! Volunteers create positive life-changing experiences for youth. 4-H offers endless opportunities to volunteer. Most volunteers commit to on-going service as leaders, while others may assist with a single event or activity. 

Oregon has more than 6,300 adult and teen volunteers who offer their time and talents to our program.  Benton County 4-H is home to over 250 of these volunteers.  New volunteers receive a comprehensive orientation and training specific to their role, no knowledge or experience is required. Discover below how you can become involved and make a difference for the youth in your community.

Volunteer Roles:

  • Contact Leaders organize and direct 4-H groups or clubs
  • Project (Assistant) Leaders teach members about specific project areas, and assist the contact leader with club needs.
  • Resource Leaders assist contact or project leaders as needed.  
  • Teen Leaders assist adult leaders by co-leading groups or clubs.

Steps to becoming a 4-H Volunteer:

  1. A completed application begins your volunteer leadership journey. Three references will need to be provided on your application. Please provide complete mailing addresses. References cannot be family members/relatives or others who live with you.
  2. A criminal background check is conducted by the Oregon State University Human Resources Department, in cooperation with the Oregon State Police. Please note a copy of your photo ID must accompany your release form.
  3. Attend a New Leader Training. This 2.5-hour orientation is held several times per year.
  4. Meet with a county 4-H faculty member for an interview.
  5. If the above steps have been approved by the 4-H Agent, you will need to complete a 4-H Volunteer Enrollment form. This form is to be completed annually, if continuing your service.

Once all the steps have been completed you may assist with a current club or start recruiting your own members to start a club. Contact our office to obtain a Volunteer application.