Member Leadership Opportunities

Here are leadership opportunities in Benton County 4-H.

4-H Member Leadership Resources

Junior Leader

Junior Leaders are those youth that help lead their 4-H club by organizing community service opportunities and completing projects with their adult 4-H leader. 4-H youth who want to develop their leadership skills can attend a Junior Leadership Training, which is usually held in January and February. 

Teen Leader

Teen Leaders lead their 4-H club alongside an adult 4-H leader. Youth who are in 10th-12th grade are welcome to attend one of the New Leader Trainings, which are offered throughout the year.

County Ambassador

County Ambassadors are youth in grades 9th-12th. The role of a County Ambassador is to represent the Benton County 4-H program throughout the county. Duties will include working with a team to plan, coordinate and implement regular 4-H county events such as Information Night, Awards Banquet and Fair. Ambassadors may also be involved in activities such as: Know Your County Government, Farmers Markets and more! Applications are available in May. 

Teens as Teachers

This program is for 9th-11th graders who are interested in receiving training to teach elementary aged youth about nutrition, exercise and environmental health related topics! Teens will learn how to create and teach lesson plans while gaining leadership, public speaking, and facilitation skills while developing their confidence working as a team.

4-H Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors are 9th-12th graders. Counselors gain invaluable job experience, learn about leadership and responsibility, and are role models to younger youth. 4-H Camp is held in late June/early July. Applications are due in February and Counselor Selection Day will be held in March. Selected counselors and alternates must also attend counselor training weekend in April at the Oregon 4-H Center. This opportunity is open to all youth regardless of their affiliation with 4-H. There are also positions for Junior Staff (college age students or older who work at camp and support counselors).


Interested in 4-H?

Benton County 4-H Program Resource

Benton County 4-H offers a variety of programs for you to have fun, learn, and grow. Please fill out this form so we can learn more about you and find a program that fits your interests, budget, and schedule!

Hace un miembro de 4-H hoy!

Benton County 4-H Program Resource

Revisa por favor los proyectos y áreas e indica las que más te interesen.

Benton County 4-H Member Enrollment

Benton County 4-H Program Resource

Please fill out this form if you are ready to start or continue your 4-H journey with Benton County 4-H.

Formulario de inscripción para miembros de Benton 4-H

Benton County 4-H Program Resource

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Statewide Resources

4-H State Ambassador Description

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

It is both an honor and a responsibility to be a 4-H State Ambassador because you are a role model to other youth and representative of the Oregon 4-H Youth Development program. Please read this for more details on roles and responsibilities.

4-H State Ambassador Application

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Please use this form to apply to the 4-H State Ambassador. Applications are due to the State 4-H office by March 1st, 2018.

Returning 4-H State Ambassador Application

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Please use this form to apply to the State Ambassador program if you have been selected as an Ambassador before.

4-H State Ambassador Recommendation Form

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

If you are interested in applying to be a State Ambassador, please give this recommendation form to a 4-H staff member or leader who is familiar with you and your work.

4-H State Ambassador FAQ

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Please review this resource for more details on the 4-H State Ambassador program.

4-H Summer Conference Statewide Resources

2018 4-H Summer Conference Chaperone Letter

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Here is all the cool information for chaperones.