Citizenship & Civic Engagement

From learning about government process, as well as giving back and the importance of community, 4-H members participate in many community service opportunities as well as educational programs like Youth Voices in Action in an important effort to learn about local, state, and federal government process and systems.

4-H Youth making their town a bit more attractive.

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Youth Voices in Action

What would our communities and nation look like if young people were fully engaged as partners in decisions that affect them?

This thought drives the mission of Youth Voices in Action. Youth in grades 8 through 12 are invited this leadership conference to have fun and develop their leadership skills, practice public speaking, and work in teams to meet with state agency representatives and legislators to solve real life problems.


Youth Voices in Action Resources

Katy Zollner Memorial Scholarship

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Katy Zollner was an active 4-H member in Deschutes and Douglas counties as well as an Oregon State University student. This memorial scholarship was established to honor her extraordinary career in 4-H and love of Oregon 4-H Know Your Government Program by helping youth learn and recognize their ability to impact public decision making.

National 4-H Conference

The National 4-H Conference happens every year at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Youth will represent Oregon 4-H as National 4-H Conference delegates.

Delegates will

  • Network with other delegates from almost every state and territory
  • Learn about civic engagement
  • Develop leadership and public presentation skills
  • Experience problem solving while working as a team
  • Gain a deeper understand of U.S. history and government processes
  • Enjoy the greater Washington D.C. area, Capital Mall, and Smithsonian Institute museums


National 4-H Congress

Every Thanksgiving weekend, over 1,000 4-H members from all 50 states and Puerto Rico attend National 4-H Congress. Oregon 4-H delegates will hear inspirational speakers, participate in workshops, engage in a large-scale community service project, and enjoy many other fun activities.

State 4-H Recognition Committee selects Oregon 4-H delegates based on 4-H achievements. Oregon 4-H is committed to helping youth this rewarding experience by donations.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have at least three years of 4-H participation, including the current year.
  • Must be an active 4-H participant during the current 4-H year.
  • Must be at least 15 years old at the time of application.

Application Instructions

  • Application packet should be placed in a flat, stiff 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder
    • 3 Ring binders are not acceptable
  • Name and County listed on the upper right hand corner of the cover
  • Use labeled dividers for the following packet sections
    1. National 4-H Congress Submission Form
    2. My 4-H Story
      • 3-4 page limit
      • Single page type, double spaced, 1 1/2 inch margin on the left, and 1 inch margins on the other 3 sides
      • Times New Roman or Arial font size 12
    3. My 4-H Resume
    4. Project and Activity Photographs
      • Maximum of 3 pages one-sided
      • Include captions
      • Indicate if photographs are copyrighted for publication purposes

Application Timeline

  • Submit National 4-H Congress application packet by your 4-H Extension County deadline
  • Attend a personal interview during the 4-H Summer Conference
    • 4-H Summer Conference is held in Corvallis during late June
    • Must attend the entire interview day and stay for the Congress Delegation announcement at the end of 4-H Summer Conference


National 4-H Congress Resources

National 4-H Congress Submission Form

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Please fill and sign this form if you wish to apply for National 4-H Congress.