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Outreach Leadership Institute (OLI Part l) "College Preparation"

Oregon State University

101 Kearny Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

Kearny Hall 101
Nov 1 5:30 pm - Nov 3, 2019 11:30 am
Event Cost
$100 | with $50 Scholarships Available
Contact name
Jaime Guillen

Outreach Leadership Institute is divided in 4 parts.

OLI Part l "College Preparation" is the first part where students will participate in different hands-on workshops focusing on:

    • Skills needed to complete scholarship applications and the FAFSA.
    • Writing personal essays, biographies and completing college’s admission applications
    • Learn about college requirements, procedures, and deadlines
    • Meet college students and professional role models from their own cultural background
    • Get familiar with college student organizations and special programs for underserved students
    • Visit a university campus, see how a college student dorm looks like, and eat in a college cafeteria
    •  Get familiar with college facilities, services, and student involvement opportunities
    • Build relationships with college students and professional and establish contacts with the offices of admissions and financial aid
    • Attend student panels where they will learn from and ask questions to college students about life in college, how they are paying for their education, what they do for fun, what they are studying
    Outreach Leadership Institute OLI Part l "College Preparation"

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