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Join 4-H

There are many ways to get involved with 4-H!

Youth ages 9–19 are eligible to become full 4-H members each year. The 4-H year runs October 1–Sept 30, and age and eligibility are based on those dates. Most youth get involved by joining a club, but you can also start a new club, join a project, or go to summer camp at 4-H.

Children ages 5–8 are eligible to join 4-H as Cloverbuds, a program that focuses on experiencing 4-H learning opportunities and having fun without the competitive factor that is inherent to youth Projects.

We also have a Collegiate 4-H Program for OSU students and recent 4-H alumni.

(To join as a volunteer, please go to the volunteer page.)

Photo by Lynn Ketchum (Cropped from original)

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