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Camps and Outdoor Education

Thanks for all the fun at 4-H camps this year!

Our next daycamp opportunity will be Spring Break camp in March!

Check out the information below on Questing Clovers Camp in October!

Questing Clovers Retreat in October 20-22, 2023. This camp is designed to reach to youth who who are in touch with their geeky side! With classes in STEM, art, acting, cooking and many other options, this camp will give youth who tend to shy away from horses, sheep, and shows a taste of 4-H with a fantastical twist.

We have 50 scholarships for youth with up to 40% off of the $200 admission fee! It will be in the Salem 4-H Center and is for all youth in grades 7th-12th. That kid that you know loves Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, Comics, or Cosplay might be a GREAT fit in this setting! We have gender-expansive cabins as well as quiet rooms to be as accommodating as possible!

Registration is found at: and the discount code is: 80TODAY!

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