Lane County 4-H Fair

Dear Lane County 4-H Community,

We appreciate everyone who has been patient and understanding while we work to come up with alternate plans for the Lane County Fair.  While nothing we plan will be able to come close to replacing the fair experience, our goal is to create a fun alternative that will allow Lane County youth to show off their hard work over the past year.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our poll.  Your responses and feedback are very helpful in guiding us to a decision that will work  best for families.  It seemed there was strong support for  both postponing and going virtual, so we are considering offering a mix of both.  We are now coordinating with other 4-H programs in the state to work out the best and safest solution for Lane County. 

Please bear with us while we work out all the details.  We plan to give more updates next week

Separately, the Lane County Livestock Auction Committee is organizing the 2020 Youth Auction.  If you have a market animal, and have not received an email regarding this process, please contact your project leader, or contact the office and we will send you the information.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,

Nicole and Patty, Your Lane County 4-H Staff



2020 Fashion Revue Challenge – Inspired by Literature

Breaking news!  The Fashion Revue Challenge for the 2020 fair season is… A garment or outfit inspired by your favorite book, short story, poem or other proseThe options are unlimited. In fact, according to Google there are 130 million books in the world.  Choose one and use your research talents, creativity, and imagination to produce your fashion masterpiece.  

2020 Country of Celebration

It’s a big world out there and our citizenship focus within 4-H encourages exploration of other countries and cultures. This year the country that will be featured through the Celebrate our World classes will be the African nation of Uganda. This landlocked country in East Africa is steeped in culture and environmental diversity.  Its rich culture extends from art and dance to regalia and foods. Break out your research skills and enjoy exploring Uganda then share how the knowledge gained influenced your 4-H experience through a fair entry!

Highlighting Creative/Innovative Thinking

The Innovation class was developed for outside-the-box thinkers. This class allows a way to exhibit the work you do that does not fit in our otherwise scripted classes. Did you create fabric using a unique dying system, or perhaps knit an item using something other than yarn or a stitch they developed? Did you sew an accessory or garment using illuminated fabric or include sensors in the garment? Did you use science knowledge to create a unique finish on woodworking, metal work, or art project? Did you take recycle/reuse to the max and build a vehicle from scratch?  The Innovation/Creativity class is based on expanded learning. You are encouraged to use knowledge and skills gained through and outside your project work to create something unique; something beyond our standard fair classes.

Highlighting Business/Entrepreneur Thinking

The Business/Entrepreneur classes were developed to allow you to share “value-added” knowledge and skills that resulted from your project work. For example, a dairy goat member may use the milk from their project animal to make soap or cheese. Even if this member does not actually sell the items (they use it for gifts, for instance), they can show the results of their learning through the Business/Entrepreneur classes. Livestock members who have breeding projects are a natural for this exhibit area. Every 4-H project area affords the ability for you to create a micro-business. Examples include jewelry, prints of your original art, fun aprons, decorated cookies or specialty breads, and knitted (or crocheted) creative hats or scarves. You are the boss; you decide!



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