National 4-H photo


National 4-H photo

Project areas and opportunities including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

If you are interested in participating or to learn more about any of these programs, please contact Emily McDonald-Williams.




Lane County 4-H is excited to have rediscovered and redefined our Embryology program. To provide more opportunities for hands-on science education to all, we set up chicken egg incubators in local schools and organizations, creating an unparalleled opportunity for STEM learning! This program reaches thousands of local community members, and fascinates the many individuals lucky enough to witness the amazing baby chicks breaking out of their shells and into the world!  If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Emily McDonald-Williams.

photo by Emily McDonald-Williams

Photo by Emily Anderson

Junior Master Gardener

Junior Master Gardener is an amazing program which provides hands on learning about gardening, farming, flower-arranging, pollinators, and everything in between!

Junior Master Naturalist

The Junior Master Naturalist program was designed to introduce youth to natural science projects, outdoor recreation, citizen science, and career opportunities in natural science fields. Youth participate in field trips, science experiments, campouts, and service learning. This STEM based program allows youth to experience our local natural resources like never before, and continues to expand the horizons of all program participants.

photo by Emily McDonald-Williams

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