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4-H Camp Leadership Program

Our 4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp Leadership program is designed for youth ages 12-21. Our program is a top-notch leadership program that guides youth from middle school to college through a leadership journey. The leadership program is a progressive leadership program that builds upon the previous year.  All 4-H camp leaders are carefully screened, trained, and then mentored by our adult staff at each level.

The 10-year leadership program is broken down into two-year cycles.  At the beginning of each new cycle, youth leader applicants will must apply and be reassessed before moving into the next two-year program. There is no guarantee that every youth who completes a two-year program will automatically be accepted into the next two-year program.  Youth must demonstrate continual leadership improvement and commitment.

It is important to note that this schedule and plan is fluid depending on the final decisions of OSU and the Oregon Health Authority on whether we will be allowed to operate our 2021 camp, and if so, under what restrictions.  We will make every effort to update our website with more information as it becomes available.  At this point we are moving forward with plans and hopeful that our camp is allowed to operate. 

For specific details for each level of participation, click on the links below.

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