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My 4-H Resume

Formerly called the "permanent record," this record keeps track of your entire 4-H career in one document. It's useful for Advancement Guides, scholarship applications, and more, so keep track of it!

You can select any of the three formats: Word, PDF or fillable PDF, to prepare your resume. Start by downloading the whole document from the “Entire My 4-H Resume” heading below.  As you fill up a section you can download additional pages of each section from the "Individual Pages" section.

IMPORTANT- If you use the Word version of the document, DO NOT change the layout or formatting. Only work in the spaces intended for entering your information.

Instructions for use of fillable PDFs:
Make sure you are using Firefox as your browser (if you are not currently in Firefox, close your current browser and open this page in Firefox).
BEFORE ENTERING ANYTHING, you must save this document to your desktop (or whatever folder you want)
Hover over the “fillable” link listed under the “Entire My 4-H Resume” heading below, then RIGHT click and select “Save Link As”. A new window will appear where you can name your file and choose where to save it.
Now you can open the file you just saved and begin entering your information.  Be sure to save your work frequently.
If you fill up one section of the resume, you can download extra pages listed under the “Individual Pages” heading below.  You can use as many additional pages as you need.  But, you will have to download (as described above) and save each page individually with a different filename.
The individual sections do not have examples included, so you must always start with the entire document and add pages as needed.
Note: You can still enter your information by hand by downloading the word or printable PDF listed under the “Entire My 4-H Resume” heading below.

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