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Symbols and emblem

4-H has grown over the years and the symbols reflect the rich traditions and the progressive spirit of 4-H.

4-H symbols

The four H’s

The four H’s represent the comprehensive areas of development youth experience in the 4-H program:

  • Head is for thinking, planning and learning to reason.
  • Heart is for the concern about the welfare of others, acceptance of responsibilities and development of positive attitudes.
  • Hands is for the development and mastery of skills.
  • Health is for the enjoyment of life and promotion of healthful living.

4-H emblem

The 4-H emblem is a green four-leaf clover with a white “H” letter on each leaf. The emblem was adopted nationally in 1911 and since then Congress has passed legislation twice to protect the 4-H name and emblem. The design is attributed to O.H. Benson, an Iowa School Superintendent.

4-H colors

The 4-H colors are green and white. Green represents springtime, life and youth while white represents high ideals and standards.

4-H motto

"To Make the Best Better." Carrie Harrison, a botanist with the U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry proposed this motto and it was later adopted in 1927 along with the 4-H pledge

4-H pledge

The pledge was adopted in 1927 during the first National 4-H Club Camp in Washington, D.C. Otis Hall, a State 4-H leader in Kansas, was responsible for the original wording. The pledge remained unchanged until 1973 when the words "and my world" were added.

I pledge . . .
My head to clearer thinking
My heart to greater loyalty
My hands to larger service, and
My health to better living
For my club, my community,
My country and my world.

Prometo usar...
mi mente para pensar con más claridad
mi corazón para ser más leal
mis manos para ser más servicial,
mi salud para cuidarme más,
por mi club, mi comunidad,
mi país y mi mundo.

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