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Club Meeting Safety Guidelines

Current Status of In-Person Events

Oregon State University has granted approval for regular 4-H club meetings. Special meetings and county events require individual approval but are generally able to proceed following the same guidelines.

Requirements for club meetings       

All 4-H families are encouraged to review the club safety guidelines and ensure that all steps are being followed at each meeting. Acknowledgement of the club safety guidelines is part of the enrollment for volunteers this year. Upon re-enrolling, your club will be approved to meet (if it hasn't been approved already).

Attendance, Group Size, and Facility Restrictions

At every in-person gathering, a Contact Tracing Form must be filled out. Parents will sign members in and out of each event. The leader submits the Contact Tracing Form to the Extension Office after each event via e-mail.

Maximum Attendance at a 4-H meeting is 25 youth, plus the adult volunteers. All youth present count toward the total (including extra family members). If your group is larger than 25, divide your meetings into smaller cohorts.

Information is based on current OHA guidance for youth enrichment programs here: Oregon Health Authority Statewide Reopening Guidance – Youth Programs

Virtual meetings are still encouraged. We have a special Zoom account just for our 4-H Clubs and are happy to set up meetings for you. Members can not be required to attend in-person meetings or meet attendance requirements at this time.

Expectations when attending an in-person 4-H event

  • At this time, masks are required at all times when indoors. Masks are also required outdoors if participants are unable to maintain at least 3 feet of physical distancing.
  • Do not send anyone with a fever or who is feeling sick. If anyone has had a recent exposure and been advised to quarantine they can not attend.
  • Only send members and adults that are expected to be at the event – limit extra family members
  • Sharing or serving food or drinks are not allowed at this time
  • Practice good hand washing and use of hand sanitizer

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