Swine Resources

Efficiency of Niche Pork Production: Lessons from Iowa

Online Resource

Presentation Describing the of Niche Pork Production from Iowa

Care of Newborn Pigs and Post-Farrowing Sows


Presentation presented at Oregon Pork Producers Spring Conference about Care of Newborn Pigs and Post Farrowing Sows.

By Charles Estill

Swine Health


Presentation on how to keep swine healthy.

By Charles Estill

Swine Feeding Principles


Presentation on the Principles of feeding Swine.

By Gene Pirelli

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) Delta coron (SDCv) and (PEDv), Delta corona (SDCv) and PED variant ( PDCoV)

Online Resource

A presentation presented by Dr. Steve Henry from Abilene Animal Hospital PA of Abilene, Kansas; at the Swine Biosecurity Workshop in Madras, Oregon, on September 20, 2014.

Swine Production Information

What Oregon pig growers need to know about PRRS viral infections

Online Resource

Informational document about the viral infection PRRS in Oregon.

Oregon Pork Producers Vaccination Brochure

Fact Sheet

Brochure regarding proper swine vaccinations

Swine Reproduction Articles

Nutrition and Feeding for Optimum Reproductive Performance

Online Resource

Document about optimum feeding for reproductive performance

Management of Replacement Gilts

Online Resource

This article discusses the proper management that must be taken to raise healthy replacement gilts.

Oregon Pork Producers

Online Resource

The Oregon Pork Producers strives to serve all producers regardless of size or production practices, by promoting producer and consumer education, research, animal well-being, marketing, and environmental responsibility.

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