Agritourism producer survey for the Willamette Valley

We want to hear from you! OSU Extension faculty in the Willamette Valley are conducting a needs assessment to better serve farms with agritourism and/or direct to consumer sales in their business model. Farmers and producers, this means you. Agritourism includes farm stores, U-picks, seasonal festivals, farm to table dinners, tours and classes, tastings, farm stays, on-farm nurseries, hiking and birdwatching, and more. These marketing strategies can enable an additional revenue stream, enable farm products to be sold at a higher price, help with farm succession, provide employment for additional family members, and teach the public about agriculture.

I know, it is yet another survey. But these results will directly impact the types of support and educational resources offered to agritourism operations or those that are looking to add an agritourism activity in the future. This survey was developed with the sole purpose to better understand the need for agritourism educational programing and support that may benefit your farm. Our hope is that we can hep keep family farms vibrant, strengthen local communities and support sustainable food systems.

The survey is anticipated to take 5 minutes to complete and includes questions that will assist our agritourism and small farm programs. Please follow this link to fill out the survey. It will be open through January 31. If you have any questions about this survey or other agritourism programing, please contact Audrey Comerford at [email protected]

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