Emerald ash borer quarantine adopted in Washington County effective Dec. 20, 2022–May 16, 2023

In response to the confirmation of emerald ash borer (EAB), an exotic beetle that infests ash trees, in Washington County, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has enacted a countywide temporary quarantine (OAR 603-052-0135). The quarantine limits the movement of all plant parts of ash (Fraxinus species), olive and white fringe tree outside of Washington County.

The EAB quarantine in Washington County restricts the movement of several tree debris items, including but not limited to: logs, green lumber, nursery stock, scion wood, bud wood, chips, mulch, stumps, roots, branches and firewood of hardwood species.

The purpose of the quarantine is to prevent the spread of EAB by restricting the movement of potentially infested tree debris to unaffected locations. To learn more about the quarantine or where you can properly dispose of quarantined tree debris, consult the EAB webpage. Also see: What to do about emerald ash borer: Recommendations for tree protection in EAB-infested areas.

More information on EAB

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