Oregon Vine Mealybug Trapping Program

Oregon Department of Agriculture and OSU Extension are providing vine mealybug traps to vineyard and winery owners/managers who volunteer to place traps in their vineyards and around their wineries during late summer to fall 2023. This study is being conducted to determine the extent of vine mealybug presence in the state and allow growers the awareness of mealybug presence to plan for future monitoring and management efforts in their vineyards.

Summary of the trapping program

  1. Participants will be supplied with enough traps to monitor three areas per vineyard property (protocol will be provided).
  2. Traps should be placed in the vine canopy at specific locations (per protocol) from August until harvest (~Sept/Oct).
  3. Pheromone septa need to be replaced every four weeks, so extra traps and lures are provided.
  4. Participants are to send all traps to the ODA once the trapping season is completed (October).
  5. There is no cost to participate, and it is voluntary.
  6. ODA entomologists will examine all trap to ensure that insect id is correct. Participants are not required to identify insects.

If interested in participating, contact your local OSU Viticulture Extension personnel for the protocol and access to traps. There is a limited supply of traps, so this will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Extension contact by region:

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