Animal, mineral, or vegetable, what is the coolest thing for my farm?


Deciding what to grow and how to sell it depends a lot on your resources and passion. The OSU Small Farms program has a number of great publications and web-links available to help you evaluate your physical and financial resources. In particular I recommend that you read What Can I Do with My Small Farm?it will walk you through the steps of evaluating your goals, physical resources, family resources, and skills. Once you have this information written down it is easier to evaluate potential crops and markets. There are enterprise budgets available for many crops and types of livestock but they should be adjusted for your specific situation. Whatever you decide to grow it should be something you are passionate about. 

Without more information I cannot tell you what products are in high demand and how you should market them. What are your financial goals? Do you enjoy interacting with the public or would you rather spend most of your time on the farm? What is your farming background? How far are you willing travel to get your product to market? How quickly do you need to make a profit? The answers to these questions will have an impact on what you decide to grow and who you sell it to.

The Douglas County Extension Small Farms program will be offering a three part workshop series titled Exploring the Small Farm Dream in January of 2016. I encourage you to take this workshop and in the mean time explore the resources mentioned above. You can contact the Douglas County OSU Extension office at 541-672-4461 to be put on the Small Farms mailing list.

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