How can I reclaim an overgrown ivy patch?


Herbicides that contain the active ingredients triclopyr and glyphosate effectively kill ivy when used according to label directions. This requires several years of effort and monitoring.

If you mow the ivy first and let it regrow for several months, the re-growth is less waxy and the herbicides penetrate better.

Here's more information: 4-County Cooperative Weed Management Area

Use pesticides safely!

  • Wear protective clothing and safety devices as recommended on the label. Bathe or shower after each use.
  • Read the pesticide label—even if you’ve used the pesticide before. Follow closely the instructions on the label (and any other directions you have).
  • Be cautious when you apply pesticides. Know your legal responsibility as a pesticide applicator. You may be liable for injury or damage resulting from pesticide use.

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