I assume you have the European Garden snail since most of our native snails are generally few in number and relatively well-behaved in gardens. The European Garden snail (aka Brown snail) was brought in by people who wanted to "ranch" snails for escargot dinners in fancy restaurants. But they couldn't keep them down on the farm after they left Paris. They wandered away and have become a serious pest anywhere they have gotten established. But, back to your question, you can eat them and if you like them a lot, grow more garlic to season them and eat even more of them (invite your friends , too!). I suppose you could put them in a compost bin with lots of vegetable scraps but I don't know if feeding them would only add to your problems long-term and they will escape the bin. It isn't something I would do. Other than that, they are managed like slugs. Here are a few things to read:

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