How do I manage heat burn in trees and shrubs?


I am afraid this sun burn will be a very common sight across much of western Oregon.  Things are getting toasted here in the Willamette valley too.  

Mature trees are generally resilient. A loss of some foliage is a set back, but not typically fatal. Once they leaf out again next year, they should probably look much the same as before. But we will have to wait for some time to see the actual effects of the heat to leaves, and maybe buds. It is certainly possible that some individual branches or branch tips might be lost, without it being a danger to the tree.

Probably more of concern is not the sun burning, but expanding the effects of the drought (probably more of an issue here in the valley than near the coast). Hot weather on top of low moisture causes internal stresses that we do not easily see. Again, we need to wait to see those effects, along with any other stress occurring between now and the rains. 

Unsightly as it is, I do not think this damage brings any new or significant increase in fire risk.  

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