Moist & Tender Turkey or Slow-Roasted Salmonella?


Both USDA and OSU recommend roasting the turkey at 325ºF. to assure a safe end product. Be sure that you use a thermometer to check the final temperature has reached 165ºF. when measured in the thickest part of the thigh.

If you use a lower temperature you have more time for microorganisms to multiply before they are killed so you need to be extra sure to have a thermometer on hand to check the final temperature of the bird. (165ºF). I definitely would not stuff the bird when roasting at a lower temperature. You could probably add about 25% to the time but that is an educated guess, be sure to check the temperature often the last couple of hours.

OSU has a great handout on turkey basics that can be found in the OSU Extension Service Home Food Preservation web resources. It will give you times for safely thawing and roasting your turkey.

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