Is there a Spanish resource with technical plant terms?


I could suggest these dictionaries:

  1. Thomson's Spanish-English English-Spanish Illustrated Agricultural Dictionary Paperback – February, 1993. This is very basic but could be useful.
  2. English-Spanish Dictionary of Plant Biology: Includes Plantae, Monera, Protoctista, Fungi and Index of Spanish Equivalents (Spanish Edition), 2002. D. Morris. I haven't seen this one but it could have more technical terms.
  3. Diccionario de floricultura Ball/Ball Floriculture Dictionary: English-Spanish/Spanish-English with Spanish Definitions – July 1, 1995.

In my Extension and outreach program I do bilingual education for nurseries and greenhouse workers. I would be glad to customize a training for your workers that could help them learn new technical words. Feel free to contact me by email or phone.

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Watch a video of Luisa Santamaria discussing the value of bilingual education of nursery and greenhouse workers.

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