Toxic landscape? Can children graze my bushes?


Hello! Here are lists of poisonous plants from the Poison Center of the Oregon Health Science University. It also references a Cornell University site that shows photos of many of the plants so that you can look up photos of the plants listed. This list is focused on plants toxic to animals but many of those are also toxic to humans. You can also search the Internet for the individual common names of the plants listed to find photos of each plant. Note that some of the plants listed are plants native to Oregon such as the Hemlock plant you had in your yard but others are landscape plants that could have been planted by previous owners of your property, your neighbors, or even you.

The Extension office has a Master Gardener Desk that can work with you to identify plants on your property. You can bring in samples and/or photos to identify them. If a plant has already been ingested however, the place to contact is the Regional Poison Center (1 800 222-1222) or 911 for help.  

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